Extended Block Paving Driveway in Keresley, Coventry

This is one of Summit Driveways’ latest block paving projects installed during lock-down following social distancing guidelines. It was a complete transformation with the driveway being extended and rebuilt.

First we took out the original driveway and front walls and leveled off the raised area, allowing new steps to be built on the side. We installed a hardcore base on top of a heavy duty membrane.

New boundary walls were put up on the sides of the driveway and partially across the front and also copying the shape of the steps. We also installed brand new drainage system as the driveway is sloped and water pooling might cause damage in the future.

Our team has installed this driveway in 45° pattern, using Charcoal for the main paving and Brindle for the borders.

To finish the job, we poured down a strip of tarmac at the entrance of the driveway to join it with the public footpath.

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Patio and Lawn Installation in Rugby

Our team at Summit Driveways has recently finished this patio and lawn project in Rugby.

First we removed the existing surface and mucky old lawn.

We laid down a new foundation of 804 crushed stone on top of a heavy duty weed protective membrane. We installed a curved border of flat top kerbing to create a definitive boundary between the seating area and the lawn.

Our team laid the patio using 450×450 mm Granite slabs.

As mentioned above, we dug out all the mucky soil and replaced it with fresh one. We also installed a drainage system to prevent the water clogging in the future. Finally we laid down a fresh new roll-on turf.

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Brindle Block Paving Driveway in Nuneaton

Here are a few pictures of a new driveway completed by Summit Driveways in Nuneaton.

First we took up the two original layers, and dug out space for the new foundation. We laid down a new hardcore membrane and topped it with type 1 hardcore sub-base. Then we compacted it down and screeded the sand.

We installed new flat top edging at the front of the driveway and laid down a double border of Charcoal blocks. For the main paving we used Brindle block paving and laid it in a 45 degree Herringbone pattern.

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New Indian Sandstone Patio with Turf in Nuneaton

This new patio has been recently finished by Summit Driveways in Nuneaton. It was a part of a big project and you can see the driveway part of it here.

The patio was originally very mucky and we took it all out. Then we re-soiled it, installed new drainage systems set in concrete and laid new turfing on.

We also created a new seating area with Indian Sandstone slabs. We laid some block paving around the back of the house and you can read about that process in the post mentioned above.

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New Block Paving Driveway in Nuneaton

This new block paving driveway has been recently finished by Summit Driveways in Nuneaton. It was a part of a big project and you can see the patio part of it here.

Our first step was to remove the old concrete driveway and block paving edging.

We put in all new flat top kerbing around the whole perimeter. We installed new base of 804 stone as well as some membrane sheeting to prevent weed growth.

Our team used Brindle mix of paving blocks for the main paving and a border of Charcoal for a colour contrast. We also fashioned a new recess manhole cover that, unlike previously, seamlessly blends with the driveway.

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Tarmac Driveway with New Drainage System in Mancetter, Atherstone

In this tarmac project we started by taking out the original surface and replacing it with a new hardcore base and membrane. We also installed new flat top concrete kerbing and new ACO drainage system at the foot of the house to prevent water damage.

We filled the outlined area with 3 inches thick layer of tarmac and power-rolled it down to 2 inches.

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Indian Sandstone Patio with Timber Sleepers and Turf in Nuneaton

Here are some pictures of a finished patio project in Nuneaton, carried out by Summit Driveways.

Firstly we dug out the old, uneven patio and created separated, even tiers. To reinforce the individual tiers, we put down gorgeous treated timber sleepers.

We laid a new 804 stone base foundation together with a hardcore membrane sheeting to prevent weed growth. We also installed a new land drainage system which is crucial for any grassy area and topped it with new roll-out turf.

For the patio and separate seating area we used Natural Grey Slate Indian Sandstone flags.

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Indian Sandstone Patio with new Fencing in Rugby

Here is another total patio renovation, completed by our expert team at Summit Driveways in Rugby.

We dug out the existing old patio and lawn to re-utilize the area. Our next step was to install new, feather edged fencing with concrete posts, which, being higher than the previous fencing, notably increased the privacy of this area.

We installed a new foundation of an 804 stone base, along with a heavy duty membrane sheeting, to prevent weed growth. We laid the beautiful, Natural Grey Indian Sandstone Slabs in various sizes onto a bed of concrete. To avoid puddles of water forming on the surface, we installed new ACO drainage system, likewise set in concrete.

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Silver Granite Resin Bound Driveway in Rugby

Take a look at this amazing driveway transformation, carried out by Summit Driveways in Rugby.

Our first step was to remove the existing, broken driveway and garden area, which allowed us to utilize all of the available space. We laid down a new foundation of stone and bordered it with brick on edge in Charcoal. To prevent water pooling on the surface, our team installed brand new ACO drainage system, set in concrete.

We supplied and filled the outlined area with a bed of concrete and topped it of with a resin bound gravel in Deluxe Silver Granite colour.

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New Tarmac Driveway in Bedworth

Here is a look at one of our recently completed tarmac driveways in Bedworth. When you want affordable and skilled tarmac contractors in Bedworth, call Summit Driveways. This was a joint shared driveway between two neighbours.

We removed the old driveway and added a new border around one neighbours driveway. The other driveway we cleaned off the block paving including the block paving on the apron at the front of the driveway.

We put in a new base which was machine power rolled and laid down the new tarmac on top of both sections.

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