New Paved Driveway in Rugby

Driveways Rugby

Here is a new driveway installation completed by our team in Rugby. The original driveway was excavated and removed. A new base foundation was installed along membrane weed to separate the base and sub base. River washed sharp sand was laid as a laying base for the new block paving. The paving was laid down […]

Brindle Block Paved Driveway with Light Grey Footpath in Rugby

First, we dug out the existing driveway and garden and installed a new hardcore foundation. On the left-hand side, we installed new fencing and at the front door, we installed new flower beds with railway sleepers.

We laid the driveway with brindle block paving with charcoal border and we laid the pathway with contrasting light grey blocks. We also installed a strip of gravel along the fence.

Asphalt Driveway Installation in Brownsover, Rugby

New SMA driveway installation completed by Summit Driveways in Brownsover, Rugby. The original driveway was excavated and removed along with an area of grass beside it so the driveway could be squared off with the line of the front door porch.

Once we had dug out the entire area and properly excavated it down to a solid sub base, we laid in a new membrane control fabric to prevent the base mixing and applied our new consolidated base of Type 1 MOT foundation was laid into the areas as a new foundation

We fitted in new charcoal block paving kerbs (KL) along the right side of the extended driveway which was used to replace the old retaining wall which held back the garden area.

New drainage was added to the front of the garage for dealing with water runoff using Aco channels which were steel lidded for reinforcement.

A cobble style Tegula paving block was used as a border around the driveway which we set in cement to make sure it would help to retain the new surface.

New S

Resin Bound Driveway with New Side Wall and Raised Flower Beds in Rugby

New driveway has been completed by Summit Driveways in Rugby.

First we took out the original block paving and knocked down the side walls. Then we installed new hardcore foundation and built up new side walls with raised flower beds on top.

We gave the driveway a brick border that matches the colour tone of the resin bound chips that we used for the main driveway.

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Resin Patio Installation Rugby

This is one of Summit Driveways’ latest block paving projects installed during lock-down following social distancing guidelines. It was a complete transformation with the driveway being extended and rebuilt.

First we took out the original driveway and front walls and leveled off the raised area, allowing new steps to be built on the side. We installed a hardcore base on top of a heavy duty membrane.

New boundary walls were put up on the sides of the driveway and partially across the front and also copying the shape of the steps. We also installed brand new drainage system as the driveway is sloped and water pooling might cause damage in the future.

Our team has installed this driveway in 45° pattern, using Charcoal for the main paving and Brindle for the borders.

To finish the job, we poured down a strip of tarmac at the entrance of the driveway to join it with the public footpath.

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Patio and Lawn Installation in Rugby

Our team at Summit Driveways has recently finished this patio and lawn project in Rugby.

First we removed the existing surface and mucky old lawn.

We laid down a new foundation of 804 crushed stone on top of a heavy duty weed protective membrane. We installed a curved border of flat top kerbing to create a definitive boundary between the seating area and the lawn.

Our team laid the patio using 450×450 mm Granite slabs.

As mentioned above, we dug out all the mucky soil and replaced it with fresh one. We also installed a drainage system to prevent the water clogging in the future. Finally we laid down a fresh new roll-on turf.

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